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We can help our clients land their dream job or get that next big promotion at work. 

We provide the following services:

Assessments of LinkedIn  and biographies 

Review of resume and cover letter review and update.

Interview preparations

Free 20 minutes new client meeting.


1 hour total

Career Coaching

Connect with one of our career experts who can answer your questions, offer guidance, and help you get your job search started.  

 (50% off if you have lost your job due to Covid-19)


2 hours total

Resume Review

A Veer Up career coach will take your existing resume and renovate it to ensure it is as effective as it can be!

(50% off if you have lost your job due to Covid-19)






We provide training on many different HR topics.  We can also keep track and provide reports of all staff training provided by our company.    We have several formats to fit your business training needs.  We can provide live or recorded on demand options as well as onsite training.  Contact us for a complete listing of our training.


Diversity  Training Topics:

Coaching for Supervisors

Supervising Training 101

Change Management 

Essentials of Interviewing

Sexual Harassment 

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Understanding Personalities &  Colors 

FMLA training for Supervisors

Confronting Difficult Employee Behavior 

 Treating Your Direct Reports Fairly

Communicating Across Cultures



We provide around the clock executive-level guidance at an extraordinarily low price and saves hours of your expensive time researching solutions to human resources problems.

You will have an HR executive who knows your business.  Below are some of the other benefits:

24 hours a day, seven days a week availability. 

Unlimited Calling* & Unlimited E-mails.*

 Reach us by phone or by e-mail for any employment issues or research with which you need help.

Recruitment & Placement Services 


We provide a monthly subscription  program that allows a new line-level job posting every 21 days.

Line Positions: 

These are rank and file positions that are the backbone of your company. 

Specialty Positions: 

These are hard-to-fill or competitive positions in industries that require specialized searches. Examples include IT, market research, chemistry, and similarly difficult searches.

Management Positions: 

These are supervisory and middle management positions up to Senior Manager.

Executive Positions:

Executives include Directors, Vice Presidents, and C-Suite.

Contact us today to discuss your recruiting requirements and how we can get the highly-qualified employees you need without high recruiter fees and haggling or hassle.

Employee Surveys


Veer Up can conduct employer surveys.  Employee surveys are a great way to solicit employee feedback on a wide variety of workplace issues. Veer Up can design, administer, and provide results to leaders.  

Types of Surveys Veer Can Provide:

Employee Engagement

Culture Assessment

Employee Attitudes

Employee Job Satisfaction

Employee Exit 

Employee Benefits Surveys

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